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    Linear Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Starting At: $
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    Linear Automatic Liquid Filling Machine RG6T-6G

    Main Purpose:
    . The filling machine widely used in Japan, such as the oil industry, filling different liquid products.

    Technical Parameters:
    . Filling speed 60-100 bottle / min
    . Filling ? 1% accuracy
    . Current 3A.
    . Power 220/110V 50/60Hz
    . 500 W power
    . 0.4-0.6 MPa pressure
    . Optional models 5-60 ml 10-125ml 25-250ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml 250-2500ml 500-5000ml

    Principle Features:
    . RG6T-6G filling machine similar foreign products in the reference on the basis of improved design, and to increase some additional features.
    . In the use of the product operation, the accuracy of error, capacity adjustments, equipment cleaning, maintenance, and other aspects of a more simple and easy.
    . The aircraft design compact, concise aesthetic appearance, filling in convenient adjustment.
    . Filling the first six aircraft from six-cylinder drive, filling materials more quickly and accurately.
    . FESTO by Germany, Taiwan AirTac aerodynamic components and Taiwan and Taiwan amounted to the electronic control components, performance and stability.
    .Some contact materials are used 316 L stainless steel materials.
    . Filling Machine-eye devices Korean, Taiwan PLC, touch screen, Drives and France electrical components.
    . Facilitate adjustment, not a bottle filling, filling a number of accurate and functional.
    . Drawing and using anti-drip filling Mentou, anti-high foam products filling landing system to ensure that the mouth of the bottle and positioning Positioning System Level Control System.


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