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    Semiautomatic Ribbons Fight Code Machine(printed code machine) Starting At: $
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    Semiautomatic Ribbons Fight Code Machine(printed code machine) HP-241B

    Main Purpose:
    . Date manufacture, batch number, expiration date, weight, price, size, origin, composition, additives, composition, quality, cards, registration of manufacturers, vendors, etc..
    . Applicable packaging materials:
    . PT, PE, KT, OPP, CPP, aluminum foil, plastic bags, bottles of heat shrinkable trademarks, such as all kinds of plastic composite film..
    . Paper, a plastic paper, leather, cloth, packaging containers, bags, plastic products, electronic components plastic.

    Technical Parameters:
    . Power: 220 V 10% 50Hz
    . Power: 200 W
    . A code speed :70-120 beats / min adjustable
    . A code pitch: arbitrary
    . Coding the number of rows:1-2 lines / 1-3 lines
    . Thermal Print width :25-35 mm

    Principle Features:
    . Fight Code Machine electric band with a thermal printing ink instead of a code, special handling of movable type for the word structure, flexible packaging materials can be in any play yards. A clear code, it is not easy obliteration, is a kind of economic health printed. The Damaji small size, light weight, easy to operate.
    . Health and clean, no ink pollution distinctions, economic health is a way of a code.
    . Fan can be widely used: a food production date code, a code batch, a pharmaceutical factory date code.

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